Saturday, November 21, 2009

wedding exhibition

Today me and my bf going to the wedding exhibition at mid valley for survey first..... we reach there around 3pm....

Both of us survey till i think around 8 bridal house really "geng " hahaa.. all they sales oso say my bf so good will accompany me survey.. and he ask more thing then me haha...

End up we sign pacakge at my dream wedding bridal from hong kong.. last time they will send all couple to hong kong take pic.. this year september only they start take pic at KL oso... i like they gown and style and their service hehe.... really cant wait for take the picture haha

After sign the package we though go shopping awhile then only back.. how know when i look at my watch "wah!!!!10.30pm !! know wonder i very hungry " haha

Thursday, November 19, 2009




就应为有了承诺,他好拼命的工作好让我们俩将来 。。。



Monday, November 16, 2009

time pass to fast

This year time pass really fast now still got 45 day end of this year.... hmm feel very scare.. cos after 45 day i will get 29 year old ...haiz.... this year really many thing happen... got happy thing, sad thing, and many many... but luckly all bad thing is gone... keke

This coming and next month really too many ppl wedding ... and i get 5 "boom" from fren... that y this 2 month i very hard to keep diet kekek..cos no cloth can wear too fat kakaka...... this year i grow up 8kg "OMG" so many right haha.. but after this 2 month i lose around 5 kg keke.. now i still got 3 kg to reduce i really need gambateh...

Friday, November 13, 2009

1st flower/bag

Today my darling just back from business trip (korea)...... i was so happy cos he go there 1 week we didnt meet up very miss him leh...really like those" siu bi seng san fang" haha

When i go in his room i saw got few paper bag from korea... i ask him

me : u not say no time buy thing meh? why so many plastic bag huh???!!

darling : err... ya wor..but i didnt buy for u leh those thing is other ppl ger

me: what??? no buy for me then u buy for other ppl ?so bad la u ... i dun wan choi you

then after 1 minute

darling: bao bei ..this for you

me: (terkejut) wooo this flower buy for me?????

darling: bao bei.. will you married with me?

me: lol no ring how to married leh?

darling: i just testing propose nia haha.

me: cheh (abit angry) no heart...

darling : aiya dun like that la... i will propose to u ger but not now i wan to make suprise for you...

me: anything lor... huh u go there buy me a fake flower?? here oso can buy la

darling: not same ger.. cos 2011.11.11 korea there dun know what is the date got many ppl buy flower so i mai buy for u ler...

me : oh???? err inside got the choclate leh....but i cant eat now leh i'm diet la... u purposely buy ger cos i cant eat oso

darling: dun angry la... after dec u mai can eat lor ...

me: hmmmm ya hor... hmm why only got flower noting for me jor ar????


darling: bao bei for you this..hope u like it...

me: ooo is bag.. wah look nice wor.. thank (muacksssssssss)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

i wan fish shark i wan fish shark

this video very funny le keeping say i wan fish shark i wan fish shark!!!!!!just share with u al

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Today darling didnt work on leave so i feel wanna cook dinner for him,since his always ask me cook but i never cook b4 hahahahahahha ... so after work i go "giant" buy thing to cook.. both of us stayat giant for 1 hour still dun know cook what.. below is the conversation..

me : darling what you wanna eat?
darling : what food you know?
me :err i never cook b4 leh...
darling : har!!!!!!!
me: think cook fish.. but which fish to choose ar?
darling : aiyo what fish also dun know how u cook?summore not easy to cook ler
me: oh then we cook curry chicken lor....
darling: are u sure u know cook?if not nice to eat i dun wan....
me:aiyo can try ger ma if not we buy the tin curry la easy just make hot then can eat jor
darling: ok then we to choose now
(we walk to the selling all tin food)
me: erm which brand you wan a?
darling: dun know wor
me: Oh ya hor at your home is eat vegetarian ger sure u dun know ler
darling:ya la still wan to ask...
me: erm buy the ayam brand lor
darling: nice to eat boh?
me: i think so gua
darling: hmmmm
me: or we cook the tomato bean?
darling:err i not really like
me: then how?tin sotong?
darling:actualy buy tin feel not worth leh if we bought 3 tin diff then cost RM15++ better go out eat save cost save money
me: u like la..dun say i dun wan to cook for you
darling: aiya then cook pasta lo
me: ok
darling:but i wan to eat rice wor
me:then cook rice lor
darlig :but what to cook?
me:aiya so fan better we go out eat la easy and now i hungry leh
darling:ok lor

090909 nice day

Anyone of you will be going to Thean Hou Temple to have your ROM on 090909 ?today is special day so many couple ROM today leh... One of my fren oso register today congratualation to her.... even this month for chinses calender is "ghost month" but still got many ppl register ler hehe


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Booking Air Ticket

Finally i can go shanghai trip with my fren their all ... cos i cant go with them to korea trip (sob sob) cos KC cant on leave that time ....

Tonite 3 of us booking air ticket (Sammie and Charmaine they together book and me at home waiting their call me for to book on the sametime with them) we book 6 ticket on the sametime but got 2 ticket is more expensive then us... this air asia really F*** and bad service ler... but what to do air asia is cheaper then mas lerh.... all of us really "kan cheong" to book this cos the ticket price will change become expensive abit

sammie:(is calling my hp) eh cat can start book now
me: okok (after that hang up call)
me:darling can book now jor faster
darling:ya la doing now jor la...

after few min
darling: eh i got feeling that they cant book the ticket ler
me:huh??!!! if like that only me and u go nia lor????(abit sad)
darling: aiya why u so worry we know mandarin oso go there sure noting ger ma
me: i know but i hope travel with them ma
darling:aiya just my feel nia la

after this my phone ring i start scare already cos KC say he got the feel (sometime his feel will come truth ge)
sammie:eh cat got bad news we cant book the ticket ler say fully book
me:huh???!!!!! then how i pay jor the ticket.. die la now
sammie:errrr i try book 2 ticket first
me:okok later let me knw

after few min
sammie:eh i book my jor but charmine cant book leh
me:har?now only 4 of us pay the ticket then charmine how?
sammie:charmine mad already she say dun wan go ler
me:dun like that i help to book see can boh
me:eh more expensive then us RM100 jor ger how?
sammie: aiyo why like this ger.. .. really like share market
me:ya lor then i pay de la...
sammie: okok

Finally all of us book ticket already..after that i found that out that our trip is abit expensive leh cos we go 5day 4nite is RM1340 including alll .... and one of travel agency is cost RM1400++ 8day 4nite..... we really big water haha... what to do already book jor...

Cant wait till next year april haha....